Where to Stay

All around Uvita you'll find a number of small hotels, cabinas and a vertitable plethora of vacation rentals. The area simply does not lend itself to the behemoth hotels coming in.


For the unique form of tourism offered here in the Costa Ballena, vacation rentals work, as do the other types found here. For the "Where to Stay" section of Uvita Dot Biz, I have glumped all lodgings, accommodations, hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, camping and so on into 2 categories.  These categories are Vacation Rentals and everything else, that I call simply "Hotels". So if what you are looking for is not a private home to rent on a weekly basis, generally with a 3 day minimum anyway, then click on "Hotels"


Long Term Rentals is another story.  This is an elusive beast here in Costa Ballena. However, I am guessing that Long Term Rentals will be a growing concern here, as some of the vacation rental people consider the expenses of running a vacation rental, and the time it takes along with the all important occupancy rating ("did we hit 60% this year honey?"), they may consider the substantially less they make per month for long term, but the occupancy is %100 compared to whatever they were getting with their vacation rental, minus lots of marketing and maintenance expenses.